Sketching Light

Liangzhu, Hangzhou
Mar 2013
Academic Individual Work
Instructor - Luofeng Qin

Sketching Light examines how architecture as an acupuncture gesture within the site can manipulate light into space.

  • Selected workshop designed for photographer Joe McNally.
  • In favor of Rembrandt lighting condition.
  • Extra personal working space attached to public exhibition area.

The curious predicament

The project lies in Liangzhu Cultural Town, one of the most innovating and mixed communities in the city of HANGZHOU. Liangzhu Cultural Town is in the north-west of Hangzhou, 1 hour driving from the city center. This "shangrila-ish" lifestyle keeps the noisy urban life away from the town on one hand, it nevertheless separate the community from reaching the city on the other. Paradoxically, people living in this higher mixed town are more likely to lead a much more simple but concentrated life. In this case, the very public space for the entire community should be served as a much more "dynamic" cultural center.


Unique living pattern

Living pattern of Liangzhu Cultural Town is quite different from that of regular communities in Hangzhou. Little worrying about financial issues, Liangzhu citizens seeks for a relatively higher level of civilizations. 

The site given is used as a master workshop lying at the center of the public area of the town. Considering its unique situation and potential function as the principal cultural anchor for the town, the master workshop should be something that can enlighten the citizens’ awareness of further seeking for non-material lifestyle.


Cross hybridization

With different major functions provided between the north and the south part of the public space, the site appears to be at the exact point where all communication begins to intersect and interweave. Considering the fact that this public area are mainly for residents who live in Liangzhu but not close enough to walk to this area within 10 mins, the whole area should be all connected in a way that people can leave before they zigzag along the space to meet the need of their desire. Thus, such intersection should happen in a more fluent and efficient way, providing a great opportunity for the site to host all public traffic within itself, where the inner space becomes outer, and the outer becomes inner.